Adult Interactive Stories of Dating Horror and Glory

Throughout history, there have been numerous great pairings:  Cleopatra and Marc Antony, beer and pretzels, the 1970's and disco (ok, maybe not so great), and now the interactive story and dating.  Coupling his love of Choose Your Own Adventure books from his youth and his love of women, author Shawn Harris has created the ULTIMATE Dating Do-Over Book: Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions. Now you can pull a mulligan on the course of Love!!

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Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions

Did you ever wonder after going on a crappy date if it could have gone better if only you had done something different?  Do you ever ask yourself "What if..." 

What if I had say "this" instead of "that"?

What if I had slow-played her instead of coming on strong?

What if I had used the "asshole approach" instead of being the nice guy?

What if I hadn't drank those five shots of tequila?

Now you CAN ask those questions AND GO BACK TO DISCOVER THE ANSWERS!

dating poolC'mon fellas, we've all seen the shallow end of the dating pool.  Maybe you dangled your feet in after too many beers at a kegger and she just looked "Soooo friggin' hot!"  Maybe you waded through it when you thought that Air Supply was just the music the moment called for.  Maybe you dove in headfirst completely buck naked during those insane four days in Cancun.  These hazy memories and more are the dating horror stories we share with our buds over a six-pack.  Stories of the crazy women, bad pickup lines, poor choice of bar scene, inappropriate jokes and many more represent the drunken decisions we regret, yet laugh about much later on with only a slight internal shudder.

Beer, Women and Bad Decisions from Choose the Ending Books lets you navigate tons of potential dating horror stories in your quest to go on the BEST DATE EVER.  As the reader, you are free to explore a ton of different scenarios and be courageous in your choices.  Go crazy!  Be the asshole!  Hit on the stripper!  And best of all, if you screw up... just go back and choose something else! beer women bad decisions book image

This interactive story allows you, the reader, to become a guy in his late-twenties throughout one adventurous night of dating.  Can you score with the sexy librarian?  Make it with the cougar?  Avoid the lesbian beatdown?  Win the bar fight?  There are many pitfalls along the way, but the payoff is glorious.

As the main character, you choose what clothes you wear for the evening, who your wingman will be (if any!), and what happens throughout the experience.  You're allowed one night of infinite possibilities, so STRAP ONE ON AND BUY THIS BOOK!

With over 25 possible endings, anything can happen.  "Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions"-- Buy it TODAY on the iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad (coming soon), in PDF format for eReaders or in good ol' paperback!

Still not convinced this is the book for you? Well, get ready to laugh your ass off! Now you can read a FREE previewonline!! Check out for a FREE sample of the book, complete with interactive fun.

woman thinking
Ladies, ever wonder what goes through a guy's head when he's hitting on you?  FIND OUT!  Get inside the head of a guy in his late 20's for a couple hundred pages and live life as a single guy lookin' for Ms. Right-- or at least, Ms. GoodEnough.  Learn how guys think with their other head!  Hear what guys talk about when you're not around!  Live life with a third leg!  And to think, you get all this insight and you don't even have to pee standing up!

large woman

In the Friday Night Meat Market there are the sheep, the cows and the butcher-- which one are you?

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"Beer, Women and Bad Decisions" in the Media

thumbs up

Haven't done all the endings yet but so far this is awesome.  It's like the old Choose Your Own Adventure books except you run around with crazy girls and get drunk and get kidnapped by a dominatrix.  


rated r

Nostalgic, yet Intriguing
This group of short stories in the form of a Choose Your Own Adventure model, is absolutely hilarious and very interesting.  The story is unique and also extremely fun to read.  The story itself is incredibly nostalgic, brings back memories of grade school stories that you could choose what your character would do.  This is just like those moments, except rated R/NC17.  Definitely worth the buy.


five stars

This book was freak'n hilarious!  I kept going back to try different options-- just to see what would happen in the story.  I love the part where I give the bouncer a bloody nose.  This whole book reminds me of my crazy college days.

--M. McQueen

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Want a FREE copy of "Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions"?  Send us your worst, most embarrassing dating horror story.  The best story of the month will be featured on this website as well as win a free copy of the book for your iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad or in PDF format to read on your computer or ebook reader of your choice!  Enter NOW!

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"Beer, Women and Bad Decisions"
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