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transparent gifFrom its humble beginnings in France in the mid-1900's until today, interactive fiction is a widely enjoyed genre of books primarily made popular through the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) paperback series. Due in large part to the perseverence of Edward Packard and R.A. Montgomery to bring the interactive story to the mainstream, millions of people have enjoyed this type of book and the multitude of spinoffs that have been created.
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Originally published by Bantam Books and currently published by ChooseCo, there are a hundreds and hundreds of Choose Your Own Adventure books and spin off series to keep any avid reader happy. Moreover, interactive fiction has blossomed as a genre and other companies have gotten in on the action. Check out a list of all the books available in chronological order, both new and used, and pick one up today!
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With hundreds of FREE and low cost lesson plans based around them, Choose Your Own Adventure books and interactive fiction in general are incredible resources to use in the classroom. Find lessons you can use today to engage your students in reading and writing activities, especially boys who are sometimes reluctant readers. In addition to being motivational, these lessons clearly illustrate the use of concept mapping, a valuable writing tool, as well as easily incorporate technology for the 21st century classroom. The interactive story appeals to students of all ages, from kids to adults, so take a look at how you can use them with great success.
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Did you love Choose Your Own Adventure stories as a child in the 1980's and 90's? Miss the thrill of determining how the story will play out? While you can definitely still buy the classics, why not read an interactive story for grown-ups! Leave behind the tales of youthful tomfoolery for adventure seeking stories written for people who can legally drink! These tales are NOT for children as they contain salty language, sex, drugs and *ahem* adult situations. It's almost like an adult bedtime story!
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Becoming an author of interactive fiction couldn't be easier. An enormous number of prospects await those that want to jump into the genre. From opportunities to be published on the iPhone and iPad to countless arenas online, there has never been an easier way to publish your interactive story. Love Choose Your Own Adventure novels? Learn how to write your own today! [Read More...]

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