Additional CYOA Series Published by Bantam Books
(1979 - 2003)

Below you'll find additional book series published by Bantam after the success of the original. Every popular franchise at the time jumped onboard to create titles using the popular Choose Your Own Adventure format: Walt Disney, Star Wars, and even Indiana Jones. Moreover as the GooseBumps series of juvenile horror novels from R.L. Stine took off, Bantam adopted their CYOA style to this new genre to cash in on a burgeoning trend, hence the Choose Your Own Nightmare series of books.

Bantam Books even went so far to adapt their interactive stories to younger kids (Choose Your Own Adventure for Younger Readers) and toddlers! (Choose Your Own First Adventure)

As these titles are now out of print, they are only available used.

Choose Your Own Super Adventure

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Journey to the Year 3000 by Edward Packard
Danger Zones by R. A. Montgomery

Choose Your Own Adventure
for Younger Readers

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The Circus by Edward Packard
The Haunted House by R. A. Montgomery
Sunken Treasure by Edward Packard
Your Very Own Robot by R. A. Montgomery
Gorga, the Space Monster by Edward Packard
The Green Slime by Susan Saunders
Help! You're Shrinking by Edward Packard
Indian Trail by R. A. Montgomery
Dream Trips by Edward Packard
The Genie in the Bottle by Jim Razzi
The Bigfoot Mystery by Lynn Sonberg
The Creature from Miller's Pond by Susan Saunders
Jungle Safari by Edward Packard
The Search for Champ by Shannon Gilligan
The Three Wishes by Shannon Gilligan
Dragons! by Jim Razzi
Wild Horse Country by Lynn Sonberg
Summer Camp by Judy Gitenstein
The Tower of London by Susan Saunders
Trouble in Space by John Woodcock
Mona is Missing by Shannon Gilligan
The Evil Wizard by Andrea Packard
The Polar Bear Express by Edward Packard
The Mummy's Tomb by Stephanie Spinner
The Flying Carpet by Jim Razzi
The Magic Path by Julius Goodman
Ice Cave by Susan Saunders
Fire! by R. A. Montgomery
The Fairy Kidnap by Shannon Gilligan
Runaway Spaceship by Susan Saunders
Lost Dog! by R. A. Montgomery
Blizzard at Black Swan Inn by Susan Saunders
Haunted Harbor by Shannon Gilligan
Attack of the Monster Plants by Susan Saunders
The Miss Liberty Caper by Susan Saunders
The Owl Tree by R. A. Montgomery
Haunted Halloween Party by Susan Saunders
Sand Castle by R. A. Montgomery
Caravan by R. A. Montgomery
The Great Easter Bunny Adventure by Edward Packard
The Movie Mystery by Susan Saunders
Light on Burro Mountain by Susan Saunders
Home in Time for Christmas by R. A. Montgomery  
You See the Future by Deborah Lerme Goodman
The Great Zopper Toothpaste Treasure by Jennifer
Bach and Amy Brost
A Day with the Dinosaurs by Edward Packard
Spooky Thanksgiving by R. A. Montgomery
You Are Invisible by Susan Saunders
Race of the Year by R. A. Montgomery
Stranded! by Sara Compton
You Can Make a Difference: The Story of
Martin Luther King, Jr. by Anne Bailey
The Enchanted Attic by Adele Read

Choose Your Own
First Adventure

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Little Owl Leaves the Nest by Marcia Leonard
Little Pig's Birthday by Marcia Leonard
Little Rabbit's Baby Sister by Marcia Leonard
Little Duck Finds a Friend by Marcia Leonard
Little Mouse Makes a Mess by Marcia Leonard
Little Panda Gets Lost by Marcia Leonard
Little Kangaroo's Bad Day by Marcia Leonard
Little Raccoon Goes to the Beach by Marcia Leonard
Little Kitten Sleeps Over by Marcia Leonard
Little Puppy's Rainy Day by Marcia Leonard
Little Fox and the Birthday Party by Marcia Leonard
Little Goat's Big Brother by Marcia Leonard

Choose Your Own Adventure:

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Tour de France by James Becket
Forgotten Days by Kate Mueller
On Tour by Ken McMurtry
Path of the Crusaders by Ken McMurtry
Mystery on the Trans-Siberian Express
by Ken McMurtry

Manhunt by Ken McMurtry

Choose Your Own Adventure:
The Young Indiana Jones

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The Valley of the Kings by Richard Brightfield
South of the Border by Richard Brightfield
Revolution in Russia by Richard Brightfield
Masters of the Louvre by Richard Brightfield
African Safari by Richard Brightfield
Behind the Great Wall by Richard Brightfield
The Roaring Twenties by Richard Brightfield
The Irish Rebellion by Richard Brightfield

Choose Your Own Adventure:
Walt Disney Series

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Cinderella's Magic Adventure by Jim Razzi
Snow White in the Enchanted Forest by Jim Razzi
Pinocchio's Adventures by Jim Razzi
Dumbo's Circus by Jim Razzi
Alice's Wonderland Adventure by Jim Razzi
Sleeping Beauty and the Prince by Jim Razzi
Peter Pan in NeverLand by Jim Razzi
Jungle Book Adventure by Jim Razzi
Mickey's Christmas Carol Adventure by Jim Razzi
Wind in the Willows Adventure by Jim Razzi
Bambi's Woodland Adventure by Jim Razzi
Winnie-the-Pooh and His Friends by Jim Razzi

Choose Your Own
Star Wars Adventure

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A New Hope by Christopher Golden
The Empire Strikes Back by Christopher Golden
Return of the Jedi by Christopher Golden

Choose Your Own Nightmare

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Night of the Werewolf by Edward Packard
Beware the Snake's Venom by Ken McMurtry
Island of Doom by Richard Brightfield
Castle of Darkness by R. A. Montgomery
The Halloween Party by E. A. M. Jakab
Risk Your Life Arcade by Ken McMurtry
Biting for Blood by Edward Packard
Bugged Out! by Laban Carrick Hill
The Mummy Who Wouldn't Die by E. A. M. Jakab
It Happened at Camp Pine Tree by R. A. Montgomery
and Janet Hubbard-Brown
Watch Out for Room 13 by Laban Carrick Hill
Something's in the Woods by Richard Brightfield
The Haunted Baby by Edward Packard
The Evil Pen Pal by Laban Carrick Hill
How I Became a Freak by Richard Brightfield
Welcome to Horror Hospital by Laban Carrick Hill
Attack of the Living Mask by Robert Hirshfield
The Toy Shop of Terror by Laban Carrick Hill

Choose Your Own Adventure:
Space Hawks

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Faster than Light by Edward Packard
Alien Invaders by Edward Packard
Space Fortress by Edward Packard
The Comet Masters by Edward Packard
The Fiber People by Edward Packard
The Planet Eater by Edward Packard
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