Choice Adventures: Christian-themed Interactive Stories

This series, unlike the other Choose Your Own Adventure series of books, is written in the third person and follows a Christian group of kids known as 'the Ringers'. The series was penned in the early 1990's.

As this series is now out of print, only used copies are available.

Choice Adventures

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#1 The Mysterious Old Church by Neil S. Wilson
#2 The Smithsonian Connection by Daryl Lucas
#3 The Underground Railroad by Sally Marcey
#4 The Rain Forest Mission by O'Ann Steere
#5 The Quarterback Sneak by Randy Petersen
#6 The Monumental Discovery by Mark Oestreicher
#7 The Abandoned Gold Mine by John C. Souter
#8 The Hazardous Homestead by Karen Ball
#9 The Tall Ship Shakedown by Neil S. Wilson
#10 The Class Project Showdown by Rich Blanchette
#11 The Silverlake Stranger by Sally Marcey
#12 The Counterfeit Collection by Ann Wald
#13 Mountain Bike Mayhem by R. P. Proctor
#14 The Mayan Mystery by Kent Keller
#15 Appalachian Ambush by Randy Petersen
#16 The Overnight Ordeal by Karen Ball
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